How To Win South African Lottery Strategy

Recent studies have shown that about seven out of ten people play the South African Lottery games on a regular basis. In fact, people in many parts of Africa actually view the lottery as their major source of revenue. This does make sense as the National Lotteries Board in Cape Town, South Africa declared in 2005 that the National Lottery has created over 473 millionaires since its inception in early 2000, which is awesome!

So what people need to learn is is how to win South African Lotto Games easier! I will start off by telling you to stop using a very common way of playing these lottery games. The first is using random lottery numbers, which is seriously a very poor way to increase your lotto odds to win. The second very common way to play the South African lotto is by using lotto software which gives you your winning past drawn lottery numbers (hot and cold lotto numbers). Most people fall for this way or strategy of playing the lottery, as they believe it is a real system, when in fact it is not! This is just lottery information that you can use with real winning lottery systems, so do not be fooled! I know most all lotto software systems tell you the system will give you a very high win rate as 96%, or around there, but this is just false advertising and hype to grab your sale. In reality, lotto software prediction system rarely give you no better than a 2 percent win rate at best, just a hair better than using random lottery numbers.

I will show you real proof of the lottery systems that are winning lottery games, then you can decide for yourself what to use to better your odds to win lotto. See the official best winning systems, or lottery winning strategies that real winners voted on in the latest poll results (South African Lottery News).

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

Here you can plainly see for yourself that all the lotto software systems actually failed to win lottery games. These lotto software systems just actually give you the exact same info you can get free at lottery statistic websites for your South African Lottery. Now you know the truth! Do not be fooled by shady marketers lying to you how great their system is, you have seen real proof!

Now the two top winning systems Lotto Guy and Smart Play are in fact not lotto software systems, but data pattern analysis system (Lotto Guy ) and lottery wheeling system (Smart Play). Heck even the third best winning system is yet another wheeling system. Now when looked into further we find both these top winning systems do well for winning the South African Lottery, which would now make sense as to why, they are the best of the best.

Your best bet to how to win South African Lottery strategy has been revealed and is the smart way to play. Just pick your system and stick with it! It just might be your turn to be the next South African Lottery Millionaire!!  

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