Silver Lotto System Reviewed – Does IT Work?

One lottery system that has been around for years and tested many times over, is the Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver, but Does It Work? If we look at what Ken Silver says about his system. He tells you it will win any lotto game 8 out of 10 times you play that game with his system. Ken silver says there are hundreds of winners using his system. Really? we simply cannot find any person winning with his Silver Lotto System at all! This leads us to believe this lottery system is misleading people.

Upon looking into it more thoroughly. We have found that there are a ton of people who have used or tested the Silver Lotto System. They did NOT win hundreds or thousands of dollars using the system. In fact they all lost, did not win any lotto games at all. I never heard of a system that has such a poor winning track record, while claiming to be such a great winning system.

Ken Silver tells you he won 2.7 million using his Silver Lotto System. Well sorry to inform you this is not true! Ken Silver has won no large lottery winnings at all. Even the smaller winning lottery tickets he shows you on his Silver Lotto website are out of focus. Why? so you cannot see if they legit winners. He does this to make you think they are winning tickets, but in fact just his many losing tickets.

Silver Lotto System Has Bad Reviews

The Silver Lotto System has been reported as bad. By many lottery system review sites as a complete waste of your time to use. No real winners have won using this silly made up system. What qualifies Ken Silver to give lottery advice or advertise a system he just threw together to make money?

Ken Silver is not a lottery expert as he claims. All the material for his systems including his Lotto-80 system come from free material/data right off the Internet for free. Then pretends to give it to you as he is a winning lotto expert. It really makes me angry to think about how many people have fallen victim, to this common marketers tricks. To make himself rich off of people like you and me.

Did you know the Silver Lotto System is nothing more than a lottery wheeling system put together by Ken Silver? Real winning lottery wheeling systems cannot just be put together without mathematical analysis. Which must be done by computer software, not a human which simply cannot do it correctly. Even the mighty self proclaimed lottery expert Ken Silver cannot do this.

So what can you expect from using the Silver Lotto System?

  • Very poor winning results
  •  Many losing lottery tickets
  • Chances of getting the Guaranteed Refund, very un-likely!

Why would any person want to use a system such as this Silver Lotto System? I believe people are being fooled into thinking these system is good when it it not. People are reading reviews online stating how good the system is. Yet they do not realize almost all of these reviews are by affiliates selling the Silver Lotto System for sales commission.

We have even found many articles written by Ken Silver himself pretending to be a happy user of his Silver Lotto System, this is the sad extent this marketer will go to grab your money. This is how he wins , not winning any lottery games with his silly useless systems, but by getting you to buy the silly useless systems and laugh all the way to the bank!

We highly recommend you avoid any lottery program Ken Silver sells. There are real winning lottery systems that have been verified Tested and Proven. These are the systems real lottery winners are using and we also highly recommend you use, they are for real, see two top winning systems below.

Best Over-All Verified Real Winning Lottery Systems

  1. Worlds Best Winning Lotto System
  2. World Second Best Winning Lotto System

Pick one or both of these top winning lottery systems, they have no affiliates selling them as they are real system. These systems are winning lotto games world-wide and are simply the best systems in the world!

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