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We all want to win the lotto as it is a very fast way to get rich and have a great life, the hard part is actually winning the lottery. The odds against you for all lottery games worldwide are extremely huge and you most likely will never win anything big, or even consistent smaller wins if you do not use a proven lotto strategy. The absolute best strategy is to use one or more lottery systems, but it has to be a legit system that has been tested and proven, or seriously, you are wasting your time and money, that is the truth!

So which lottery system or lottery systems are best to actually help you win the lotto? There has been a lot of research lately on lottery systems, as there are so many that are false and do not work as advertised. These silly systems must be avoided as will waste lots of time and of course money. So lets start with lottery software prediction or number frequency systems as these are popping up everywhere. These types of systems are now obsolete and a complete waste of time and money, they are mostly all just gimmicks to make the seller money, they do not win the lotto. If you really must have this type of system, the free ones work just as good as the ones you pay for. The information these systems give can all be obtained for free on any lottery statistic website for your lottery game, so never pay for this kind of lottery system. Some examples of these lottery software systems to avoid are the ones that allow affiliates to also sell the system for commission, which is just about all of them. If it was an actual real winning lottery system, there would be no need for affiliate promotion.

Most crappy useless lottery systems do allow affiliates, so just avoid all of these silly systems they are useless. Affiliates are well known to write false good reviews, they will lie to sell a crap systems, just be wise to this fact. Real legit lottery systems that do work, simply do not need affiliates to sell them, they do win lotteries and they are not gimmicks to make the seller money. These are only a few lottery systems that fall into the good category and these are the systems you will need to use to really get good results. This first system has been thoroughly tested by many users and is the only legit system developed by real techs and special data. The system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System and should be your first choice when using a lotto system as it is that good! The second system is a very good wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels and has been getting excellent reviews by users and is a very easy cost effective system to use.

To win the lotto, you need to use ONLY good systems. See the lottery systems poll results below, it will show you what lottery systems real lottery winners voted on, as best winning systems they used.

Which Lottery Winning Strategies Are Really Worth Using To Win Lotto!

Which Lottery Winning Strategies Are Really Worth Using To Win Lotto!

Both of the good systems I have recommended above, did place first and second in the poll over many other lottery systems and have won Canadian Lotteries and United States Lotteries for many people who used and stuck with said systems. These are simply the best lottery systems you can get, so be glad you found this article, as it will definitely save you time and money and you may possibly be the next lottery winner!

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How To Win The Lottery Playing Smarter

How to win the lottery the biggest key thing for over-all winning success, is to use a well proven winning strategy, which is playing smarter. Most all lottery experts agree strategy is the secret key and to back this up, just look at how these certain lottery winners who have won two or more lottery jackpots succeeded, it was by using strategy and sticking with it. To win the lottery you need to play smarter and follow what real lottery winners use, it’s just common sense!

These days you won’t get anywhere without strategizing, making a plan and following that plan; whether the plan is for your relationships, your job or even gambling.  The professional gamblers, the people that make their living from gambling have a very intense strategy, one that they have compiled over years of practice and experience.  To win a lottery, you increase your odds at winning the lottery many times over by following a strategy or a system of some type.  Sure, you may be the one in twenty billion people that purchase a ticket and win the lottery jackpot and it was a random quick pick, but most people that win at the lottery follow some sort of system for picking and choosing the winning lottery numbers.  As with weight loss, it doesn’t come right away when your start your diet strategy, you have to keep with it and it will pay off in the end.  Remember to pick a strategy that reputable, so it is good to follow for you and then stick with it.  As with anything in life, anything worth having is something you’ve worked for, even if it was just working a strategy for the lottery.

So how does one find a reputable real winning strategy? Do you trust testimonials after so many have been caught as fakes? No you only trust real solid proof that cannot be faked as in a poll. Here is the latest poll that shows you straight out which lottery systems, or strategies that are worth using or not worth using.

Which Lottery Winning Strategies Are Really Worth Using To Win Lotto!

Which Lottery Winning Strategies Are Really Worth Using To Win Lotto!

When you see real proof as to which lottery systems are winning lottery games for real users, the wise plan of action would be to use those exact same systems, as you know they actually work! Before polls such as this one above were done, you really had to just try out each lottery system one by one and hope you find a good one. Of course this will usually take months if not years to do and you will have spent a small fortune by then. The proof is there just take advantage of it, pick your system and then stick with, do not jump from system to system. This type of information is hard to find out of the huge amount of useless information, you can already consider yourself lucky!

See the links below to the top winning recommended lottery systems and other great reviews.

Lotto Guy Lottery System (Top proven verified real winning lottery system)

Smart Play Lotto Wheels ( Excellent proven winning wheeling system)

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Lottery Systems That Win The Lottery!

Playing the lottery without using lottery systems that win the lottery, is like building a house without using blueprints, you will most certainly fail! Most people simply do not understand the importance of using a lottery systems, they think winning the lottery is just all pure luck, well tell that to real lottery winners who have won lottery jackpots more than just one time. The time has come and it is well proven that you MUST use a system to help increase your odds to win the lottery, or you will just continue to waste your time and money playing the lotto blind.

I myself used to think winning the lottery or at least the bigger lottery cash prizes was all plain luck, until I found a few good lottery systems that change my whole way of playing the lottery, as I started to win more than I ever have in my whole life. Granted, not all lottery systems are going to increase your win rates, as many of the systems being sold are sorry to say, false systems! If you could test out every single lottery wheeling system, lotto software system, lotto odds systems, lotto pattern analysis systems, lotto prediction systems, you would have to spend a small fortune and have the time to test each system for at least 60-90 days to really feel them out to see if is for you are not. Who has this kind of money and time to waste?

Luckily we now have many verified reputable testings of many of these systems over the years by real lottery players and can list them in categories as Good Lottery Systems and Poor Lottery Systems, which will give you the insider knowledge of which systems you should or should not be using to better your odds to win the lottery.

Good Lottery Systems (These systems are verified tested and proven to win lottery games by real users)

  • The Lotto Guy System (Rated as best winning system in the world for pick 5,6,7 lotto games)
  • Smart Play Lotto Wheels (Rated as second best winning lottery system in the world for pick 5, 6 lotto games and is a great system for ease of use)
  • Gold Pyramid System ( Great winning system for pick 5,6 lotto games but system is now hard to find as creator of the system passed away a few years back)

Poor Lottery Systems (These systems have been proven by many to be poor winning systems, or just false winning systems with false advertising) There are more systems, but these have the most reviews stating poor systems and so on.

  • Silver Lotto System
  • Lottery Crusher
  • Lotto Payload
  • Win Lotto Systems
  • Formula 1 Lotto System
  • Lottery Circle System
  • Lotto Cash Machine
  • Lottery Dominator
  • The Lotto Black Book
  • Lottery Audit
  • Beat The Lotto
  • Lotto Masta

These Poor Lottery Systems are the systems that have been thoroughly proven by users to be of little value when used to win lottery games. Many lottery review sites report these systems as very poor and possibly a waste of time and money to use. I as well as many real lottery winners highly recommend using one of the two top rated winning systems, Lotto Guy System or Smart Play Wheeling System, they both also place first and second place in the latest winning lottery system poll results seen below:

Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

The fact is, most lottery systems on the market are sold through places as Click Bank as allows affiliates to promote and sell the gambling product, which really would not be necessary if the system actually won lottery games correct? It is no coincidence that the real winning lottery systems, are NOT sold though places that allow affiliates to sell them, as this results in tons of fake reviews that trick people into buying them. These fake or false systems are all created by marketers. They use phony scenarios to sell bogus systems, you do not want to bother with nonsense non-winning systems as will work no better than random numbers or quick picks. Get a good winning system the first time around and stick with it, that is the real key to win the lottery!


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