Lotto Prediction Software Does It Really Work?

If you think Lotto Prediction Software is going to win you the lottery, then you are in for a big let down. You should be aware that these types of lottery winning methods are giving you data that is completely free and do not do much better than quick picks. Most lottery players just do not realize that all lotto software systems do is give you data either taken directly from main lottery games past drawn numbers, which is all completely free for anyone, so why pay for it? Also the data may not even be correct and might just be random numbers from that seller, so again not worth spending time and money on. These types of systems are a dime a dozen, they are wanting you to pay for what is already free, so they fill their pockets with your cash. Do not be fooled thinking well it’s software so it must be good, that is far from the truth. Software is good for many things, but not for a lottery system, so do not be fooled by these silly systems.

Real lottery systems that will seriously help your odds to win easier, will not be in software format, there is no need. Lottery software is an obsolete lottery method, and was only ok many years back, now all same data is free on main lottery game websites. The systems that work best now are formula type methods and systems that do not just give you your numbers to play, they guide you and help you put your numbers to play into better winning groups. You are in control, so you know where all is coming from, not from an obsolete system or shooting you random numbers as you will never know. If the lottery systems says it’s software than it’s a Lotto Prediction Software. If the system does say it is Lotto Prediction or Lottery Software, than the system is not a software system, just so you know!

You might not realize there are about 40 or so Lotto Prediction Software type systems out there. Why so many? They are the easiest systems to make the seller money and make you think you are getting something special when you are not. Here, see the poll results below, this was conducted to see which systems people used that worked or did not work for them. The two systems (Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels) were the two top systems that received the most votes for systems that gave real results and get this, they were not Lotto Prediction Software type systems. Most of the other lottery systems in the poll were in fact Lotto Prediction Software type systems and they all gave basically the same data, just under different names. This poll is solid proof that shows exactly what we are telling you is the real truth. You can of course do as you please, but why would anyone want to waste time and money on nonsense systems, even the best systems cannot guarantee you will win, but they will surely be the best strategies that can actually improve your winning success. The only ones pushing the Lotto Prediction Software systems are the ones selling it or getting commissions for affiliate sales. Real systems will have no need for affiliates, that is strictly for junk systems to make money from you!

I hope we have help some of you into making a better choice in which lottery systems to use and which to avoid. The websites and articles below can also help guide you as well.

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Lotto Prediction Winning Strategy!

Do you pick your lotto prediction numbers praying to win the lottery each and every lotto draw and win nothing? I bet you check your winning lottery number results after every draw to see if you are a lucky lottery winner this time around right! Oh boy No luck again! You play lotto routinely but cannot seem to hit any lottery winning numbers, so what are you doing wrong? To start off, you will need to use a tested and proven winning strategy or what we call a lottery system, which is used to pick your lottery numbers. The most common types of lottery systems are lottery wheeling systems and past drawn lottery number analysis systems, also referred to as lottery software prediction systems. Both types of these systems have been around for many years, they are very common systems and most really do not work well at all for winning lottery games, mostly due to the fact it only gives a small increase in odds to win. Most of these systems are in fact created by shifty marketers, Not Lottery Experts!
Lottery systems that are highly advertised and usually claiming they are the best, or developed by a professor, or math genius sound great, but unfortunately they do not work as advertised and are mostly just gimmicks, they most certainly do not win lottery games! These systems are created by publishers and marketers, all mostly hyped up and proven by many users to be of little value, some even copied and re-sold over and over again just under different names (very sneaky and against the law).
To seriously start winning the lottery, you will need to use a totally different type of lotto prediction lottery system. You really should be using ONLY the systems that that real lottery winners use and highly recommend, good real strategy is your key to win the lottery easier. One excellent winning system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System as it has won more lottery games world-wide than any other system period!
This very unique 3 step number pattern analysis lottery system was not developed by a so-called lottery guru or a phony professor, or mathematician, No, it was developed by real University Techs using high Tech Computer Systems, Real Analysis and Software to obtain a super in-depth analysis that can put your numbers into much better winning groups by using a unique 3 step strategy. I can tell you first hand this is a serious winning system and many people who use it have become lottery winners and that is a solid fact! Take a peek at the latest best winning lotto system poll results and see for yourself which systems were voted on as best winning systems.
2013 Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

A lot of time and work went into the development of this top rated Lotto Guy System and it should be very high on your list to use, as it really does increase your odds to win big lottery games such as Florida Lotto, Powerball, California Lottery, Texas Lotto, Lotto 649, OZ Lotto, Mega Million, Lotto Max, Western max, Ohio Lottery, Oklahoma Lottery, Atlantic Lottery, BC Lottery, Texas Lotto and many others. It is simply the only real tested and proven real winning system in the world! Yes, there are a few other good systems you can use, but most want to start with the top winning system, but of course the choice is up to you to decide.

Lotto Prediction Software To Win The Lottery

Did you know most people, think they need to use a lotto prediction software to win the lottery? Well it’s not true! Yes, lotto software can help you increase your odds a little to win, but only by about 2% or so, not the huge ridiculous win rates most of these lottery software systems claim. This is where many people go wrong, as they believe the false advertising these lotto prediction systems feed you. I will explain the truth about these systems, you do not have to use them and waste your money, there are much better systems you should be using to increase your chances to hit lottery winning numbers.

The fact is, ALL lotto software systems are basically the same. They ALL just give you in some form your past drawn lotto numbers for your lottery game. Where do you think these systems get there data to give to you for a cost? They get all of their lotto data directly off the Internet for free, from same places you can go get it for free! These systems just take the lottery data from official lottery statistic websites, they then sell it to you, along with a catchy scenario and false win rate claims, all just money making schemes, they do not win lotteries! These types of systems or actually the information they give is not really a lottery system, it is information to be used with a real lottery system. I just thought I would make this very clear, as most people who play lotto just do not know what is really going on behind the scenes.

So what kind of lottery systems are winning lottery games as Powerball, Mega Millions, UK Lotto, OZ Lotto, California Lottery, Florida Lotto, Texas Lotto, Colorado Lottery, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Washington Lottery and so on? The best types of systems to use are lottery wheeling systems or pattern analysis systems, but they have to be legitimate systems created by pro’s, using real data analysis and this cannot be done by just some person at home, you need software and equipment. There are only about three or four real proven winning systems in the whole world, the rest of the systems being sold are virtually useless, no better than playing random lotto numbers.

To show you which systems are winning lottery games, all we need to do is look at the best winning systems real lottery winners use and recommend. Take a peek below at the 2013 best winning lottery system official poll results. Real winners voted on the system that won lottery games for them.

Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

As you can see most of the lottery systems that make ridiculous win rate claims as, Silver Lotto System, Lotto Black Book, Lottery Crusher, Formula 1 Lotto System, Lottery Circle System and so on ranked very poorly, they have no real winners! The systems that are winning most of the lottery games world-wide are the Lotto Guy Lottery System, Smart Play Lotto Wheels, Gail Howard’s System. These are the true winning systems you should be using. It would be very wise to use one of the two top winning systems as Lotto Guy or Smart Play and stick with it, there are no better systems PERIOD!

You no longer have to go from each lotto prediction software system over and over, thinking the next system will win the lottery for you! It simply will not happen, you need to use real systems to seriously increase your odds to win the lottery, that is the real secret to winning the lotto!


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