Lotto Winning Strategies Revealed

How do lottery players manage to win the lottery jackpot more than once? They use real Lotto Winning Strategies. Proven by experts to increase odds to win. It’s no coincidence that the multiple jackpot lottery winners are using far better strategies then the average lottery player. To find out what secret lotto strategies are giving better lottery odds to win. We did a 4 month deep search to see what real lottery winners, from various lottery games around the world were using. This to increase their win rates.

We checked with various lottery winners that had won lottery games. Like California Lottery, Florida Lotto, Pennsylvania Lottery, Washington Lottery, Colorado Lottery, Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, Kansas Lottery, New York Lotto, Georgia Lottery, Michigan Lottery, Maryland Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Texas Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, plus more. The point is we did a lot of time consuming investigation. This revealed some of the lottery winning strategies these lottery winners used. Plus still are using to win lotto.

Each and every one of these lottery winners said they did not win much until they started using a smarter lotto strategy. Or what we call a lottery system to up their chances of winning the lotto. This is the real secret key to winning the lottery. It is the only smart way to play period! Most of these lottery winners agree. You should find your strategy and stick with it, do not give up. You cannot win all the time. 

Usual winning lotto patterns are, hit a win or two, then lose a few. You are still winning more than using random lottery numbers. Then you hit a large winner that would seem impossible. All due to sticking with your strategy, it will eventually pay off.

When looking into what strategies were being used by these various lotto winners. We found out some very interesting information. About 10% of these lottery winners had their own system and would not reveal what is was. Then we have another 10% or so that were just using Hot and Cold past winning lottery numbers. To use this method never purchase a lotto software system that gives you your Hot and Cold lotto numbers as it is free online for all lottery games. No need to pay for free information.

Then we have the lottery winners who were using certain lottery systems to get winning results. Systems as the The Lotto Guy Lottery System, Gold Pyramid System, Smart Play Lotto Wheels System, Smart Luck System and so on. The lotto winners using these various systems was about 60%. Which leaves the remaining lottery winners winning by just plain luck!

Now to back up the information we gathered from our research on what lotto winning strategies real lottery winners were using. Checkout the latest best winning lotto system poll results below. Real lottery winners voted on the systems or lotto winning strategies that won them lottery money.

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

We see by the poll results most lottery winners voted for the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which is a well known reputable winning system so makes perfect sense one should be using this system. The next over-all best winning the lotto system was Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which is a non software lottery wheeling system that has gained a huge amount of respect for winning lottery games. We really like the Smart Play System as it is a solid, easy to use effective pen and paper system and most people will enjoy using it.

The system that placed as third best winning system was Smart Luck, which in the past has had some bad or suspect reports, but I guess there are some who have actually won using the system. We would tend to recommend only the top winning systems, as of course they are the very best and you should start and just stick with any one of them!

There you have it, real winning lotto strategies revealed to you! All you need to do is change the way you play the lotto now and up-grade to a smarter lottery winning strategy to improve your own odds to win the lottery a little easier! Just know that there is no lottery system that can guarantee you will win, they are simply the tools that help increase your chances to win, so use them and be patient.

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