Lotto Guy Lottery System Real Deal Or Just Bull?

Using a good lottery system is a must, this is where the Lotto Guy Lottery System comes into play. Poll results voted it best lottery system for real success. Now the question here is, is the Lotto Guy Lottery System for real or a bunch of bull like so many other systems? Most lottery players who have tried various lottery systems, now know that most of them are quite useless. They usually come in software format which is basically just for entertainment purposes. Putting a lottery system in software format is now a total waste of time and money.

The only reason to do that is to capture drawn lottery numbers hot and cold which are totally free on all main lotto games. This is no longer necessary, as the main lottery websites such as Powerball, Mega Millions and so on now give you that data for free. With this information you now realize it’s making lottery software systems totally OBSOLETE!

Lottery Software Systems Are For Entertainment

Now pushing all those silly lottery software systems a side as they are for entertainment only. Will now leave you with just a few lottery systems that use different strategy to obtain much better results. Also they will not be, repeat, “Not Be In Software Format”. There still many lottery software systems out there being marketed as great systems. Seriously that is a lie and the sellers of those systems are just marketers trying to push obsolete useless lottery methods. Methods that have died out years ago, but still hyped up to grab your sale. Basically, they lie to grab your cash, that’s how they make money. Not by using their so called wonderful lottery software systems.

The real deal lottery systems will not be in software format. These better systems will now be in other formats such as pen and paper. You know it’s a real system when you have to put in a little work to get real results, just like anything else that is worthwhile to use.

So now let’s look at the system called Lotto Guy Lottery System. It is not a lottery software system, it is a formula based method. Meaning you would use pen and paper to apply it and it is easy to use. This fact alone puts this system in the real deal lottery system section.

Affiliate Programs Are Bad For Lottery Systems

Their system also does not allow affiliates to sell it like so many other lesser systems do. Plus there is No Subscription to lock you in, which is a breath of fresh air. Many lesser systems have subscriptions so they can keep on billing you even usually after your subscription runs out. You don’t want that to happen right? So the answer is very clear, only go for lottery systems that are not in software format. Don’t buy if have a subscription and do not have an affiliate program. Those types of systems are the ones to avoid.

Getting back to the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This system is now a very well-known highly respected formula based method and has a very good following of users (15 plus thousand members to date). The system was indeed voted, as the number one best lottery system to use out of many others. This according to a fairly recent poll. Unlike silly testimonials which are usually fake, polls “Do Not Lie”, they give you the solid truth! Unlike bogus testimonials.

We would like to point out that with this particular lottery formula method. You can use the Lotto Guy Lottery System in a few different ways. Not just one way as with most all other lottery systems are designed. Best way to use the system is to apply all of their special strategies. However you can use none of their special strategies if you wish too. It’s really all up to you to decide, but over-all best results will be obtained using the system as a whole.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Can Be Used In A Few Different Ways Plus Low Cost.

Really it is a very cool system and it’s not high priced like you see with many other systems. You must remember that systems that sell through a marketplace will have an affiliate program. Which means the seller gets a certain percentage of all affiliate sales. So the higher the cost for a system, the more percentage of commissions are obtained by the seller. While there is nothing wrong with an affiliate program for most products.

Lottery systems should not have an affiliate program. It is only used as the system it self does very little to help you win. so they use an affiliate program to make money. Not by winning anything which is the whole point on using a lottery system.

The Lotto Guy Lottery System does not now, or has ever had an affiliate program. It’s a real deal system, the system does not do the affiliate thing. Clearly this fact again shows you it is the real deal and not just a bunch of bull! It’s proven now that using a lottery system is the only tool that is designed for the task. Obtaining better odds to win the lottery is the whole goal. Using the best tool to get the best over-all results is the smart way to play. While in this case it’s obviously the Lotto Guy Lottery System, it’s a real deal lottery system “Not Just Bull”!

Powerball Winning Methods

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Powerball Winning Methods

If you play the Powerball Lottery and want to learn smarter Powerball Winning Methods, then you must read our review. Knowledge is the key to winning Powerball. The fact is very clear, most people do play the United States Powerball Lottery and for a good reason. It would be life changing if you hit the jackpot. Powerball is in fact the number one lottery game to play. The reason is because the jackpots increase very fast.

Everyone wants to win the Powerball Lottery. You will have to compete with many other players. So the smart way to play is to use a better method other than Powerball quick picks. Which is the most common method for choosing ones lottery numbers to play.

Remember you are playing the lottery, in this case the Powerball Lottery. You are trying to win and yes for a little bit of fun as well. If you are one of the many who just use good old Powerball quick picks. Switching over to a smarter method is going to improve your odds to win for sure. That I would think is what you would want right?

Now on to the good stuff, what method to use for playing the Powerball Lottery? First off, a lottery method can be anything. We want to use only sound real winning methods, or what is known as a lottery system. Lottery systems are very plentiful. Most we are sorry to say are useless or at least no better than picking random lottery numbers. You try every type of system then finding out it’s a waste of time and money. That is what we will steer you clear of.

Which Lottery System Worked Best?

There was a nice poll taken on which lottery system worked best for you! Here is the poll below for proof. You can clearly see two lottery systems were voted on more so than any of the other systems. These two systems are in fact both good Powerball Winning Methods and should be on your list to use. You do not need both, one or the other will do fine.

Both systems are completely different and both are not software. You need to know that lottery software systems are just gimmicks. They are used as entertainment. Do not bother with them at all. They are all now obsolete (they only give you the data what is already free off of lottery games).

Now you know which lottery winning method or methods you should be using for Powerball Lottery. The poll does not lie like most testimonials and so forth, it’s the real deal for sure. The best Powerball winning method out of these systems is the Lotto Guy Lottery System as you can easily see by the poll results. Many have voted in favor for using this system.

If you play Powerball, you might as well use a good Powerball Winning Method. Powerball jackpots can get very high, so play smarter to hopefully hit those winning Powerball numbers easier. It is a proven fact that using a good lottery winning strategy, can help increase your chances to win many fold, it’s of course completely up to you how you play.

We hope that you have found the information in our Powerball Winning Methods article to be helpful in your quest to win the Powerball Lottery!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

Lotto Guy Lottery System In-Depth Review

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How To Win Mega Millions Lottery

How To Win Mega Millions Lottery

We know you play Mega Millions and want to win Mega Millions. Now learn how to increase your odds to win Mega Millions Lottery easier! Playing Mega Millions the usual way for most people is to pick their numbers randomly. Or possibly they use their lucky numbers and so on. Do they ever win? No not usually, so time to play smarter!

There are many Mega Millions lottery winning tips. Most of these tips really do not increase your win rates, they just sound good to try. For example, using your birth date as your lottery numbers to play. Along with your families birth dates, used to be very popular. Now many years later is considered a very poor strategy to use. To actually win Mega Millions you cannot use just any old strategy. You must use what is up to date and been proven at winning lottery games easier.

Without going into great detail, the main way how to win Mega Millions is in fact to use a well proven lottery system. There simply is no better strategy known and never will be. This is where you need to go to see which lottery systems are being verified as best winning systems. See poll below or go to  Lottery Systems Reviews. Then use one of those top winning systems and never look back. Of course our top pick for best winning lottery system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Then if want a second system to use along with or instead of. We do recommend a good wheeling system such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels.

If You Win Mega Millions You Are Set For Life

Most people will only use one lottery system and that just fine. But there is an advantage in using a second system as long as it can be used along with your first system. Which will boost odds to win a little more. Mega Millions is a huge lottery game and if you win big, you are set for life. So playing the game with more winning leverage is a smart thing to do. Yes it will involve playing more lottery tickets than just a few. If not willing to play way more lottery tickets. We advise you to stick with just one lottery system.

Again as far as the best lottery system to use and apply for winning Mega Millions, see the poll chart below. It blew my mind as it shows the true winning systems. Also the many that are not so good at winning, by actual votes from users.

Remember playing the Mega Millions Lottery is gambling and there is no way to win for sure. You can only use good strategy to improve your odds to win. That is what most lottery winners use. So you need to use it as well if you are a smart player! We do very highly recommend using the top winning lottery system, the Lotto Guy Lottery System, for playing Mega Millions why? it simply is the best system to use period!

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Lotto Prediction Software Does It Really Work?

If you think Lotto Prediction Software is going to win you the lottery, then you are in for a big let down. You should be aware that these types of lottery winning methods are giving you data that is completely free and do not do much better than quick picks. Most lottery players just do not realize that all lotto software systems do is give you data either taken directly from main lottery games past drawn numbers, which is all completely free for anyone, so why pay for it? Also the data may not even be correct and might just be random numbers from that seller, so again not worth spending time and money on. These types of systems are a dime a dozen, they are wanting you to pay for what is already free, so they fill their pockets with your cash. Do not be fooled thinking well it’s software so it must be good, that is far from the truth. Software is good for many things, but not for a lottery system, so do not be fooled by these silly systems.

Real lottery systems that will seriously help your odds to win easier, will not be in software format, there is no need. Lottery software is an obsolete lottery method, and was only ok many years back, now all same data is free on main lottery game websites. The systems that work best now are formula type methods and systems that do not just give you your numbers to play, they guide you and help you put your numbers to play into better winning groups. You are in control, so you know where all is coming from, not from an obsolete system or shooting you random numbers as you will never know. If the lottery systems says it’s software than it’s a Lotto Prediction Software. If the system does say it is Lotto Prediction or Lottery Software, than the system is not a software system, just so you know!

You might not realize there are about 40 or so Lotto Prediction Software type systems out there. Why so many? They are the easiest systems to make the seller money and make you think you are getting something special when you are not. Here, see the poll results below, this was conducted to see which systems people used that worked or did not work for them. The two systems (Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels) were the two top systems that received the most votes for systems that gave real results and get this, they were not Lotto Prediction Software type systems. Most of the other lottery systems in the poll were in fact Lotto Prediction Software type systems and they all gave basically the same data, just under different names. This poll is solid proof that shows exactly what we are telling you is the real truth. You can of course do as you please, but why would anyone want to waste time and money on nonsense systems, even the best systems cannot guarantee you will win, but they will surely be the best strategies that can actually improve your winning success. The only ones pushing the Lotto Prediction Software systems are the ones selling it or getting commissions for affiliate sales. Real systems will have no need for affiliates, that is strictly for junk systems to make money from you!

I hope we have help some of you into making a better choice in which lottery systems to use and which to avoid. The websites and articles below can also help guide you as well.

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Winning The Lottery Easier Using Better Strategy

More logical strategy equals more powerful leverage at winning the lottery, it’ the basic law we lottery experts go by. It does not matter what type of lotto strategy you use, your odds will be affected for the better. Of course some lottery strategies are far better at improving your odds at winning the lottery than others, you simply need to use the best strategy to obtain the best over-all results possible.

Most people who play the lottery do not know that there are other strategies to use besides good old fashion “Lottery Quick Picks”, which by the way is the worst strategy to use. Then there is the next level strategy that was ok many years back, but now not a worthwhile strategy, yet it is the most common strategy still used today, hence why no increased winners using it. This very very common very hyped up strategy is called a past drawn numbers strategy, also known as hot and cold numbers strategy. Yes, it will increase your odds to win, but just slightly more than using totally random lottery numbers. The bad part of this type of strategy is it is still sold as a lottery system and must be in software format, but the sneaky sellers do not tell you that they just grab those past drawn numbers straight off of whichever main lottery game website as it is totally free. This means you are paying for a lottery system or strategy that is giving you data you can just go and get free yourself in 5 minutes, you see what I am telling you!

Then you have other strategies such as lottery wheeling systems, which are fine to use, just do not get the lottery wheels that are in software format and give you your numbers to play. You want the lottery wheeling systems that are in basic format (pen and paper) and you put in your own lottery numbers. We know some people are very lazy and think they need software, the truth is these software versions that give you your numbers to play are just giving you either random numbers, or once again past drawn numbers that are free for anyone to get and of course charging you even more as it is software, so don’t be fooled.

Then you have your formula type lottery systems, or special type systems in which you use based on their particular formula and will always be in basic format. With these types of systems you put in your own numbers according to their rules and their system guidelines or steps. These in fact are your better systems/strategies to use as they are real and are really designed to improve your odds to win easier for real.

One of the best highly recommended formula type systems is the highly respected Lotto Guy Lottery System. This particular lottery system/strategy is designed to put your numbers into much much better winning groups and that is the whole idea when trying to improve your odds at winning the lottery correct?

When it comes down to it, we know you are going to play the lottery no matter what, and for a good reason, you might just be the next lottery jackpot winners, which means your whole life would change for the better instantly. It is totally up to each of us to decide how we are going to play the lottery, no one else is in charge, just you! The smarter way to play to improve your success rate would be to use a lottery system, that is what the experts use, and so should you! We have put below a few links to some very good articles to help you decide which lottery system or strategy to use, have a look it really could change your life!

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Lottery Tips That Help Win Big!

Winning lottery tips that help you win big playing the lotto, are now very necessary if wanting real success. Using random lottery numbers or very common methods such using lottery quick picks, are now considered as very poor ways to play the lottery if wanting better winning success. So how does one improve their success at winning the lottery for real? The answer is very simple, you need to change the way you play. You need to use a lottery system and it must be a good tested and proven system, then winning success will come much easier.

If you have been told that playing the lottery is useless, chances are who ever told you that never used a good lottery system, or just does not want to play, therefore does not want you to play as you may actually win, possibly even a lottery jackpot. It’s a fact, many people do not want others to do well, so make your own decisions when it comes to gambling. People who gamble and use a good strategy of some type always do better than those who do not, it is a solid proven fact! This goes for playing the lottery as well. Using a system is a strategy, it is the only strategy one can use to increase lottery winning success, so just do it and stick with it, you are going to play the lotto no matter what correct?

If you have decided to change the way you play the lottery and will use the first lottery tip which is to use a lottery system, you are on the right track. The second lottery tip is just to remember that the more lottery tickets/lines of numbers you play will also help increase winnings. Always play a set amount of tickets/lines of numbers each lotto draw, just play what you can routinely afford to, or whatever a particular system is designed to work with. Now you need to find a good lottery system which is kinda hard to do if you have no inside knowledge. You would have to try system after system, each for about 3 months to see how it works for you, costing an arm and a leg to do. We can save you time and money by showing you solid proof of which systems real users voted as best ones to use, see poll below.

This official best winning lottery system poll shows you real proof, of what real users voted on as best lottery system that worked for them. This is real proof, not some silly testimonial that is made up or false, as we have seen associated with so many so called good winning lottery systems and or programs. As you can clearly see the most voted on system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which we do highly recommend as we know it works well. You could also try the second best voted on system, Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which also is highly recommended as it gives good results and it is easy to use even for you beginners playing the lottery.

The main lottery tip that one can use to ensure better success playing the lottery, is to use a good proven winning lottery system, there is simply no other way. Change the way you play the lottery and start actually hitting some winning lottery numbers. If you follow our recommended lottery tips, you will most definitely see better real winning success, it really is your key to win the lottery much easier!


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Good luck to all you lottery players, use sensible lottery tips and lets start winning the lottery for a change!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Beats The Lottery

The Lotto Guy Lottery System beats the lottery like no other system we know of. This is not just an opinion, it’s fact! Lotto Guy Lottery System is a winner! A legit lottery winning formula that real lottery winners use. You must first understand how to play the lottery much smarter than you do now if you want to really win. This is done by using real proven lottery strategies or lottery systems like the Lotto Guy Lottery System. The Lotto Guy System is the same winning system that many real lottery winners use and highly recommend to use.

When I say to use a proven lottery system or strategy to win lotteries. I mean only the methods that have been absolutely totally tested and proven in real world use. These are the ones that do win lottery games. Using a proven lottery system is absolutely the best tool for increasing your odds to win the lottery. To avoid the incompetent, or useless types of lottery systems. That usually promise big winning results, yet deliver next to nothing. You should avoid a lottery system if it is sold through places such as Click-Bank etc.

Places such as this which allow affiliates to sell products are usually shady misleading sellers. This is a very big mistake many people regret doing. As affiliates are known to write false reviews just to make sales. Many false reviews sites write bad reviews on systems they cannot sell, so no use to them. They lie and tell you the actual bad systems are good, do not be fooled!

Don’t Fall For Silly Systems With Silly Scenarios As Created By A Professor

You know these silly lottery systems. The ones with made-up silly scenarios and silly win rates like The Lotto Black Book, Formula 1 Lotto System, Lottery Crusher, Silver Lotto System, Win Lotto Systems plus many, many others. The Lotto Guy Lottery System Reviews are not silly or made up, they are for real! Also, any lottery system or review site stating they are by a professor is a sure sign they are fake.

Most serious lottery players are using only reputable real proven winning lottery systems like the Lotto Guy Lottery System. The system is a real legit proven number pattern analysis system calculated by real techs using real data patterns. Which is why it gives real winning results! The Lotto Guy system has a sound reputation and seems to work well for about 75% of the lottery players who use it. It is most certainly a worthwhile system to try.

This excellent system also won first place as best lottery system by poll votes over many other top systems, which means real substantial proof of a solid winning system. The system is very highly recommended for most all pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lottery games world-wide and is your best system of choice to increase your odds to beat the lottery.

Most All Lotto Software Systems Are Not Worth Using

Most lotto software systems are very misleading. Also are the most common systems being sold. Most of these types of systems state huge win rates that are totally false! These lotto software systems are really not lottery systems, in fact they are only information to use with real lottery systems and all the data they give you is actually free online, so do not be fooled!  Also, no real lottery system will give you a guaranteed refund as it is a gambling product and cannot guarantee wins. The systems that do offer this will 9 out of 10 times never give you the guaranteed refund anyways, it is just used as a ploy to grab your sale.

So now to show you some real proof of which lottery systems people are winning lottery games with. See the latest official best winning lottery system poll below. It shows you which systems real lottery winners are actually using. How? As they voted for the system that won the lottery for them.

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy Lottery System!

As you see the Lotto Guy Lottery System was the number one winning system. Polls simply do not lie! That my friends is the system you need to use to increase your odds to win. You simply cannot find a better winning strategy. You do not have to waste your time and money jumping from lottery system to lottery system anymore. The top system that real lottery winners are using is the Lotto Guy Lottery System!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is Legit And Works Well

Now of course, there are a few other good winning lottery systems you could try your luck using. However we only suggest the Lotto Guy Lottery System as it won first place and deserves first choice! I know you want to be successful at winning big lottery games such as Powerball, Mega Millions plus many others. Then you must play much smarter, or you will simply never succeed!

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The Lotto Black Book Review Fully Exposed!

The Lotto Black Book is said to be a real lottery winning system used by many real lottery winners, do you really believe this is true? We have thoroughly and fully reviewed this Lotto Black Book system and have found their system claims are highly suspect. We see many reviews telling of the great winning potential the system gives, then on the other hand we see reviews that claim the system is full of misleading advertising, just used to sell a non-winning system.

After our in-depth Lotto Black Book review, we can conclude that the system is not what it claims to be, it is more of a gimmick than any serious lottery winning program. Lets take a look at some of the systems major claims.

The Lotto Black Book Claims That:

  • The Lotto Black Book is written by a mathematics professor Larry Blair.
  • The system is a unique as it is created by an actual lottery winner, who claims to have won three lottery jackpots in a row.
  • You will learn to pick your lottery winning numbers just like actual lottery winners have used to win big.

  • You will never have to over analyze lottery numbers, just use the proven numbers that system gives.
  • The Lotto Black Book formula was wanted by thieves so bad they shot the math professor Larry Blair to steal his system secrets.

OK, there are more claims about the system, but I think these will do just fine. I will reveal the truth about these claims. The Lotto Black Book is nothing special, all information it reveals is found online and is most certainly not written by any math professor, more like a sales person marketing a product using unscrupulous methods. The Lotto Black Book is not unique in the least and there is no proof of any substantiated evidence of any kind, that shows the systems creator has won any lottery jackpots. We also concluded, their are no real lottery winners at all who have used this very misleading system. Now get this! There was no shooting the leg of Larry Blair incident at all! That was investigated and proved to be total rubbish!

The only thing we like about this Lotto Black Book system is the name, that’s it! We are not alone on this issue, most every lottery system review site is also reporting the system as phony. Do you realize where all these so-called good Lotto Black Book reviews are coming from? It is by the many affiliates selling the heavily advertised system for commissions and they will tell you want you want to hear so you buy the system, which is very sneaky.

Here is great solid proof the Lotto Black Book is pulling your leg. You want to see which lottery systems real lottery winners voted on as best winning systems? Take a hard look at the lottery system poll below, it shows you first hand which lottery systems real people voted on. High votes equal good winning system, low votes equal poor winning system right? See how the Lotto Black Book did, it fail to get higher than two votes, case and point!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Voted Best Winning System

More reviews on the Lotto Black Book can be found at top lottery system review sites, see Lottery Systems Reviews or you can review the many other websites, blogs and so on that are also reporting the system as a crock of nonsense. We have fully exposed this system so people will know the real facts, before they fall for the phony scenario, false claims, even the phony testimonials used by the Lotto Black Book, if have not already been removed as the system was caught using them. Real Winning systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System are actual systems used by real lottery winners and are very highly recommended, so good systems are out there, just choose wisely!

You can browse these lottery websites and reviews below, they can help you choose a real winning system.

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Easy Way To Win Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

Millions of people play the scratch off lottery tickets or what we call instant lottery tickets daily and hardly ever win more than $2.00 until now! So what scratch off lottery ticket should you get to get better winning results? How in the world would you know which scratch off  tickets would be the right one to select? There is a huge number of lotto scratch games you can play and there are secrets to winning these games. There are $1.00 lotto games, $2.00 lottery games, $3.00 lottery games, $5.00 lotto games $10.00 lotto games $20.00 lotto games etc and by using a secret method, you can pick far more winning tickets than normal.

The one major thing people do not know about scratch off lotto tickets, is that the less the scratch off lotto ticket costs, the less likely you are to going win, this is fact! In contrast, the more expensive the scratch lotto ticket, the chances of winning will increase.

There are only one or two good reputable scratch lottery guide lines or systems that can really improve your odds to win far more of these addictive lottery scratchers. Since one of are favorite lottery systems is the Lotto Guy Lottery System, we will tell you about their scratch off ticket lottery system. Most other systems are somewhat similar, but cost far more and we know this system from Lotto Guy works great!. The Lotto Guy Lottery System gives you this scratch off lotto ticket system/strategy absolutely free with purchase of their main lotto guy lottery system. This saves you Big Time! The scratch off system is only for United States and Canadian scratch off lottery tickets. You just follow the system or guide lines every time you want purchase some scratch off lotto tickets, it’s really that easy.

We found one person who wrote an article about this lotto guy scratch off system (also uses the lotto guy main system) and asked permission to show his winning tickets from using the system. He states and a few others that using the system works like magic and you can make an easy $200 per month profit. If want to win it just makes sense to check this system out.

Here is the proof page ( page may not load very good) that was set up so people could see winning lottery scratch tickets, note there are no $2 winners as these are won very, very easily, but the $5 and $10 and up winners need the guidance of the system to obtain them easier. None of these tickets are fake, all are from Canadian scratch lottery tickets, U.S scratch off tickets are just as easy to win all are verified by the codes and he says this is only a small amount shown, there are many more winners not shown as will cause the page to load very slow.

So there you go, a great scratch lotto system free along with the highly recommended Lotto Guy Lottery System which many real lottery winners use and do highly recommend, as it seriously increases your odds to win easier for most pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lottery games, a great bang for your buck!

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